Thats Sooo Enduro!

I have always referred to myself as a cyclist as I love and ride all types of bikes. Although I do spend the majority of my pedal time in nobly tires and covered in mud, I don’t seem to conform to what is becoming the advertised “standard” gravity assisted, loam roosting, kicker boosting, image of a mountain biker is these days. I do have a 160mm travel 650b bike with cool anodized green flat pedals and I do enjoy pushing my limits on descents. But I am much more at home on my steep angled light 100mm travel 29er. I just enjoy the parts in between the “Gnarr Shredding” that everybody else around me seems to complain about and suffer through too much. Maybe I’m a bit mad but really enjoy the

End To End (Part 2)

Day 8 The day began with a nip in the air and a cold leg punishing double climb. The second part of which was a beautiful ribbon of tarmac draped up one side of a valley. Very satisfying, from the top! As is the way of the world, what goes up must come down and the drop down into High Bentham would have been a well-earned reward for my hard work earlier had I not made the school boy error of pedaling straight over the top into the down slope without realizing I had got quiet hot and sweaty on the way up. Resulting in the cool morning air passing over me, as I accelerated away, the moisture in my jersey began to turn to ice against my skin causing me to shiver so much I almost crashed. Gary l

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